As a major initiative towards meeting the objective of delivering high-quality healthcare in the communities we serve, the HCA International Foundation is offering a number of Travelling Scholarships.

They are intended for candidates who wish to advance their medical and surgical training by visiting institutions abroad and in the UK in order to learn new techniques and to advance the science and practice of medicine and surgery for the ultimate benefit of patients.

Applicants for these scholarships should be consultants within 10 years of appointment or registrars on a specialist training programme, employed in any UK hospital.

Generally speaking, the techniques to be studied will be ones which are not in common practice in the UK but which will have a valuable and widespread application here.

Successful candidates will be able to use the techniques they learn directly for the benefit of their own patients. Equally important, we expect them to spread this knowledge to others in the medical profession so the practice becomes progressively more widespread.

There is no requirement for candidates to have any current connection with HCA. Scholarships are open to suitably qualified candidates from any hospital.

Please note that successful applicants will receive full or partial funding. The amount received is decided on a case by case basis by the committee and all decisions are final.